For stage availability inquiries, please email Thank you!
Payment must be made in full upon booking & signing contract. A Credit Card Authorization Form must also be on file to cover incidentals and overtime. Forms of payment include: Checks, Cash, Debit/Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard & American Express).
Reel Stages are available 7 days a week.
Some Productions like to setup Breakfast/RTS Vehicles In the parking lot area near the building. Be aware that the Stage Manager will need to be present to open the parking lot and will be on the clock at that time. Your Stage rental period starts as soon as the Stage is opened. You will be responsible for all overtime incurred for the Stage Manager and any overtime for Stage Rental(s).
We are a “Bring your own Grip and Lighting” stage. We do have several vendors on file for you if you need recommendations.
Stage1: You will be allowed up to 35 parking spots for crew, and 6 grip/electric trucks. There is additional parking on the street that is able to be permitted. If you have more than 6 Grip/Electric Trucks please discuss this with the Stage Manager and we can try to accommodate more parking. Stage2: 15 parking spots for crew & 2 trucks for grip/electric.
Yes, Stage 1 has a French drain built into the stage leading to a holding tank for water effects. We also have several Pyro Licensed Technicians on Staff to assist you with all of your Pyrotechnic effects. Please discuss this with the Stage Manager for more details.
Yes! We have a vast inventory of special effects equipment. Please speak with the Stage Manager. We have forklifts and scissor lifts on site for rental as well.
No, our stages are not soundproof. Stage1 has 3-inches of thick insulation. It is considerably quiet, although if you plan on recording sound, ask the stage manager if it is recommended based on the length of dialogue you require.

Note: For music videos, music/dance rehearsals and other uses that will include music, we have a limit on how loud you can play music. We have residential neighbors across the street from our facility and we try to maintain a level of respect for how loud the music is played and late hours being played. The outside (street side) noise ordinance is 60 during the day (7am-10pm) and 55 at night (10pm-7am). We usually help you control and maintain close to that level by metering and communicating with you if it gets too loud. We can also add large rolling sound panels on the East side of the stage (street side) that can add another layer of containing the sound. However, if the base is too high it will start shaking our neighbors’ windows, if that happens, we will ask you to reduce base/sound to a more acceptable level. If you do not comply, we can and will shut the power off to the stage.

Stage2 & Stage3 are insert stages. They are located in our main building and in our Special Effects Headquarters. Our main building is a concrete building and can be significantly quieter.

We shoot commercials and other projects on all stages with sound, it is all dependent on need. We recommend scouting our stages to get a good idea of the spaces we offer, and which would work best for you.
Yes. We are in the process of being reviewed by the City as a certified stage, until the final approval is accepted, we will require Production to apply for a film permit with FilmLA.
72 HOUR NOTICE MUST BE GIVEN TO CANCEL RESERVATION OR A 20% CHARGE ON THE TOTAL AMOUNT WILL BE INCURRED (IF ANY PAYMENTS HAS BEEN MADE OR NOT). After stage is booked, any cancelations due to crew members testing positive for Covid, or any shutdowns by Production directly or indirectly related to Covid, Production is responsible to pay the booking in full. Exception: If there is a City-Wide shutdown of all Productions in the Entertainment Industry, a refund will be given for days paid by Production that will not be used. This does not include any union shutdowns, or any unrelated City/State official shutdowns.
Production must have the following minimum insurance requirements: *GENERAL LIABILITY $1,000,000 OCCURRENCE / $2,000,000 PER PROJECT AGGREGATE *WORKER’S COMPENSATION AND EMPLOYER’S LIABILITY: STATUTORY *AUTO LIABILITY: $1,000,000 COMBINED SINGLE LIMITS FOR BODILY INJURY & PROPERTY DAMAGE We require a certificate of insurance naming REEL EFX INC/RIVERTON PROPERTY LLC as loss payee and additionally insured. All certificates shall be signed by an authorized agent or representative of the insurance carrier.
Yes, we rent lift equipment on-site. Here is a list: (3) 5500 & 5500LB FORKLIFTS $250/DAY EA (1) 32FT SCISSOR LIFT–JLG3246E $250/DAY (1) 40FT BOOM JLG E400AJPN (Black) $400/DAY
Yes, we have free wifi on our stages, however please note that RFX is not responsible for any wifi issues, drops, or slowing if crew usage is high on any given day. Production is also welcome to bring their own wifi during their stay.